Sustainability in farming brings fresh fruit, RipetoYou®

Have you ever picked a piece of fruit straight from the tree when it was perfectly ripe? Fruition Sales strives to bring customers as close to that feeling as possible, through their brand RipetoYou®. Based in Orange Cove CA, they combine sustainable farming technology with high standards of quality and seasonality to deliver fruit at its peak flavor.

As sustainability advocates and citrus farming experts, Fruition Sales works to reduce chemicals historically applied to groves. That means understanding the insect ecosystem and working to achieve a balance between intervening and trusting mother nature to grow healthy trees. This intuition and experience severs dependency on chemicals and not only produces beautiful fruit, but also saves surrounding soil and air from lasting harm.

Part of farming citrus fruit at its freshest means letting the fruit hang on the tree to ripen longer, letting the flavor grow and enhance. Fruition always waits for the perfect time to pick the fruit, risking freezing weather and lower prices in favor of the best quality produce.

But that means the fruit needs to be at its freshest when it arrives at its destination – and that’s where Intercrate containers came to play a pivotal role in delivering fruit from harvest.

When Fruition first approached Intercrate, the biggest challenge they faced was storing and nesting containers. Intercrate provided crates that nested perfectly together and ventilated air on all sides of the fruit, reducing spoilage and saving space.

Now, Fruition uses Intercrate FreshTote and AquaTote 10.5 during harvest and to store sensitive crops. Both the FreshTote and AquaTote 10.5 have smooth interior and exterior surfaces that makes sanitizing the crates fast and easy. Ergonomic designs make them simple to handle and both stack neatly during the off-season.

Learn more about the InterCrate FreshTote and the AquaTote 10.5 and watch your local grocer for Ripe to You citrus from Fruition Sales.